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Our Instructors and testimonials

Meet Our


All of our team are fully qualified DVSA assessed DAS trainers and IAM advanced riders



Paul is the owner and principal instructor of Premier Bike. He has been riding motorbikes for over 35 years. His experience originates from his army days when he had to escort tank convoys on the Cannam 250cc-not the most comfortable of rides- to the Triumph 750. Paul is also an advanced motorbike rider and advanced car driver. Paul conducts Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) as well as tuition for all bike licence categories. He also provides refresher and advanced riding tuition and we offer the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme.


John has been riding motorbikes since he was 4 years old and has over 40 years of riding experience. His main enthusiasm is for sports bikes and still regrets the day he sold his beloved Aprilla. John conducts Compulsory Basic Training as well as tuition for all bike licence categories, and refresher training.



Helen is an advanced motorbike rider who conducts the Compulsory Basic Training and tuition for all bike licence categories as well as refresher training. She loves her Honda VFR 800 and bossing the others about!

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  • From complete novice to test passed in 4 months, excellent tuition from a great bloke nad friendly team. David, December 2018

  • I completed my cbt this morning Helen was great. Kept me calm and relaxed throughout. Highly recommend for anyone wishing to take their CBT. Stuart, December 2018

  • 5 stars. Great school, highly recommended! The instructors are great!! Good laugh and fun but serious when it comes to the task at hand. Chris, October 2018

  • Thank you so much to all of you who have helped me pass my bike test you have all been amazing. I will be recommending you to everyone. Thank you so much.Laura, August 2018

  • I've completed​ my CBT last Saturday with Premier Bike Training. It was a great day and amazing experience. Training was delivered professionally and with friendly, no stress atmosphere. Instructors were very friendly and supportive yet very knowledgeable. Highly recommend Premier Bike for CBT and motorbike training. I will definitely be back, Marta, October 2018.

  • Done my CBT resit today both a very lovely woman great tips that I've not seen in 8 years experience riding and couldn't fault any of the flaws or bad habits that she pointed out unlike other instructors in the past have. Be doing my full mod and 2 with them couldn't recommend them enough very nice helpful tutors. Kieron, October 2018

  • 5 stars. Had a great day thanks for getting me back on the road. Malcolm, September 2018

  • What an incredible experience the CBT was Professionalism personified- able to put this motorcycle virgin at ease and get me from non-rider to CBT in the day. David, September 2018

  • Great bunch of guys, put you totally at ease with the friendly atmosphere. Instructors were very clear and patient, can't fault my experience at all. See you again for my next phase. Dan, September 2018


  • 5 stars. I had done all with these- CBT, theory, mod 1 mode 2. Great team very friendly. Brian, August 2018


  • A massive thank you to premier bike, especially to Helen for your excellent training manner. Today I passed my CBT. Once again thanks Premier Bike. 10/10.

  • David, May 2018

  • Great bunch to learn to ride with. I had never been on a bike and with the teams help passed my mod 2 this week. Thanks very much for your patience- been a pleasure.

  • Garry, November, 2017

  • Thanks to all the team. After a few lessons they got me through my mod 1 and again my mod 2 today. can't thank you all enough. 

  • Stephen, November, 2017

  • Thanks to Paul and the team- everyone of them helped me over the past few weeks to go through CBT, mod 1 and passing mod 1 today. Thoroughly enjoyed the professionalism, friendliness and patience of the whole team.

  • Andy, November 2017

  • ​Thanks to the guys and girl for getting me through the CBT, mod 1 and mod 2 (wiihin a month). Excellent tuition learnt a lot in a friendly atmosphere. Again thanks a lot

  • Carl, November 2017

  • Best thing I ever did was take some refresher lessons with Premier Bike before setting off on my own after years of driving a twist and go. Thanks Helen! You were brilliant with me and the other chap that day

  • Christophe, October 2017

  • Thanks to Helen and John for getting me through my CBT even though I've not been on a bike in 40yrs. They made the whole day interesting and fun without losing any of the seriousness of what the day was about. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.  

  • Richard, October 2017

  • My 16yr old son done his CBT with no previous experience, was smiling like a Cheshire cat when I picked hum back up having had a great day which was both educational and fun at the same time. Thanks another biker has been born. 5* service. 

  • Lee, October 2017

  • Thank you Paul for getting me through my mod 2 over the moon. Will recommend Premier Bike school to anyone wishing to pass their motorbike test. Can't wait to get my bike

  • Jeff, September 2017

  • Friendly instructors who always go above and beyond

  • Robert, September 2017

  • john was my instructor for CBT. I had never been on a bike before. He was patient, calming and very knowledgeable. He kept the training fun and encouraged us all the time even during faults. I also felt very safe out on the roads as John kept his present known at all times. Can't wait to return for full licence training.  Thank you Premier Bike

  • Stacey, September 2017

  • Just been to these guys for the CBT section of my direct access.  What can I say, great training setup etc. and the guys are top notch. I'd recommend them to everyone. 1st class. See you again soon.

  • Darren, August 2017

  • Would highly recommend very good instructors, Nice friendly people 

  • Karl, July 2017

  • From CBT to module 2 pass today, professional team with a friendly attitude. If its bike training you want this is the place. Many thanks to Paul Taylor and his team. Cheers guys.

  • Wayne, June 2017

  • Top marks for a top class team at Premier Bike Training. CBT taken today with these guys and couldn't ask for better. Would recommend these to anyone wanting to learn how to ride. 

  • Darren, May 2017

  • Huge thanks to Paul and the team for getting me through my mod1 and mod 2

    • Chad, March 2017

  • Just got home from doing my CBT. Loved every minute of it. Cracking time you's have with good banta. I will be back for my direct access. Keep up the good work.

  • Dave, February 2017

  • Thanks to Premier Bike passed my bike test first time highly recommended for bike lessons

  • Simon, February 2017

  • Tusen takk to John and all the crew for getting me through my cbt- had a great day in the cold and on the road. 

  • Steve, December 2016


  • Great trainers couldn't ask for more- passed my CBT today with a simile on my face all the way through- cheers guys

  • Gareth, November 2016

  • Just completed my CBT today and I have loved every second of it. The trainers are very friendly, easy going and very knowledgeable. A huge thank you to you all. 

  • Lou, November 2016

  • Today I sat my CBT. I was so nervous to start with..John was amazingly patient and kept so calm when I was ready to lose my head-I feel the most accomplished I ever have-thanks.

  • Linda, October 2016

  • Just passed my mod 2, want to say thanks to Paul for the training, been really enjoyable! Deffo recommended.

  • Ronnie, Sept. 2016

  • Passed my CBT today even tho I had never ridden a bike before and couldn't have asked for better instructors. john and Helen have the patience of a saint and are always having a laugh on the course- would recommend this place to absolutely anyone. 

  • Dylan, August 2016

  • Fantastic instructors. Got me where I wanted to be. Thank you. 

  • Dave, August 2016

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the day. The instructors were knowledgeable, patient and had a good laugh, which made the experience that much better, Highly recommended and I will be back in the future for my full licence. Thanks! 

  • Tom, Sept. 2016

  • Just finished my CBT test today and passes. It was an absolutely fantastic day with the instructions- has some really good banter despite the rain, Learned loads of things I didn't know. Would definitely recommend this service to anyone that wants to do their bike test. Thanks again to  everyone. 

  • Ann-Marie, July 2016

  • Done cbt-really good training and lots of crack along the way, now time to get my full licence with these guys! 100% recommend (p.s.-Ronnie has passed his full licence now) 

  • Ronnie, Sept. 2016

  • Sat my CBT and it was great- had a laugh and staff are fantastic. Gained lots of helpful tips for when out on the road. Recommend these people to anyone whether you have bike experience or not. Special thanks to Helen my instructor today. I will be booking lessons with you guys soon.Thanks again. 

  • Adam, July 2016

  • Had an EXCELLENT day at Premier Bike and got my CBT! Big thanks to Helen, John and Paul. They know their stuff. Would recommend this place to anyone for the experience alone! 

  • Gaz, June 2016

  • Top tutors very calm and patient with clear instructions. Perfect for anyone who has never been on a bike before. 

  • Calum, July 2016

  • Two great days of being taught patiently. They catered to my special needs (autism) and I had a great time before going to collect my new bike. I'll be back. Thanks for everything.  

  • Dave, April 2016

  • Thank you to all the team today for the CBT, you were all absolutely amazing ppl. It's the best ££s I've spent..I learnt so much today, it was great, fun, safe and well looked after. I look forward to getting the lessons booked in. I would defo recommend you guys!Parvinder, August 2015

  • Thanks for a cracking day today passed my cbt and had a laugh would recommend to everyone 

  • Gary T, August 2015


  • Had a great day passing my CBT on Thursday. It was lots of fun and John and Helen were great Instructors.

Arieanne, July 2015


  • Good day today, amazing people

Liam Q, June 2015


  • Thanks to Premier Bike Training, I'm now able to buy my first bike!

Jona F, May 2015


  • Did my CBT today..this was the 3rd CBT I've done. Without a doubt the most comprehensive and professional CBT I've done. Looking forward to doing my full licence with Premier Bike. Thanks all

Gene G, May 2015


  • The service and training at Premier is second to none! The whole team are friendly, funny but most importantly, massively knowledgeable in bikes and road safety. I did a CBT 15 years ago elsewhere and it was nowhere near on par with what Premier deliver. It was fun, very informative.... At the end of the session I felt more confident to get out on my own bike.. I will be recommending Premier Bike Training to anyone who asks about CBT because no corners are cut and they really do go the extra mile! Thanks so much! Start to finish the best level of customer service and customer experience available!

Graham R, May 2015


  • Great training by great people. Very relaves and professional. Recommend to everyone

Bob S, May 2015


  • It was only a week ago that I was thanking Premier Bike Training for getting me through my mod1 and now I'm able to post and thank them again as today I passed my Mod2. Premier Bike's Training has been excellent. From the very start Paul's instruction was great and gave me a confidence on the bike that only improved wtih each lesson. Thanks again Paul and Premier Bike Training- from a very happy customer, who would gladly recommend you to anyone wanting to get on two wheels.

Jona F, May 2015


  • Had a brilliant time doing my CBT...even if the weather was naff! Couldn't have asked for more patient instructors. You will be highly recommended and I'm looking forward to sticking with you guys for the full test.

Leanne T, April 2015


  • Renewed my CBT today. Helen is a great instructor. I would recommend Premier bike to anyone wishing to do their CBT or lessons.

David Y, April 2015


  • Whoop I'm officially a rock'n'roll biker chick (well nearly) Just passed my CBT thanks to lots of patience from the lovely John

Gill M, April 2015


  • Wonderful day, cbt completed, highly recommend Premier training.

Beverley C, April 2015


  • I'd like to say a big thanks to the whole team here at Premier. You've taken me from my CBT right through to my Mod2 and have been professional throughout.  I did not actually realise until after I got out with the boys but you actually go above and beyond with the training, making sure each section is totally understood before moving on, and including more than you actually need to know. Paul saw my concern at a particular section and took the time after my lesson to stand and chat about it until I was comfortable. From what I hear of other peoples' experience from other tuition, it was more of a 'that's how it's done, just do it attitude". I've actually taught the guys a thing or two over the last 2 days. Thank you again! See you at the egg run (I'll be the one still doing head checks every 40 yards)

Christopher D, March 2015


  • Thanks to everyone at Premier Bike Training for today. Your approach to teaching new riders is ace and you made the day a pleasure- would recommend you to any new rider.

David C, February 2015


  • Thank you everyone at Premier Bike for a great experience toady getting my CBT- you made it easy and enjoyable.

Peter F, January 2015


  • Loved every minute of today thanks to the whole premier bike training team. The help and support they give you is fab! Such down to earth people, they make you feel really comfortable by having a laugh on whilst learning. Highly recommendable for anyone!!

Emma M, December 2014


  • Done my CBT with Premier Bike, great bunch of people! Highly recommend them :)

Reece T, December 2014


  • Great training with premier bike, I would highly recommend them!

Iain M, October 2014


  • Just want to say thanks to all the staff at Premier for guiding me through my CBT yesterday. The relaxed friendly atmosphere really helped.

Iain P, September 2014


  • Passed both my mod 1 and 2 first time because of Paul and his training, can't recommend premier bike highly enough!

Andy L, September 2014


  • Passed both my mod 1 and 2 first time because of Paul and his training, can't recommend premier bikes highly enough!

  Chris C, August 2014


  • First time rider of anything with a motor AND gears. And at the end of the day I was happy enough to pick up ny bike that very same day. The patience, expertise and all round awesomeness of the staff is way beyond what you'd expect from any mortal being. I stalled over and over and over again when we were doing our stop start and it was really frustrating me, but I was helped through it all and now I'm a rider! I reccomend to anyone. Literally, anyone and everyone who is even just thinking of getting a CBT, do it here.

  Michael T, August 2014


  • Thanks so much for all your help and patience getting me through my test. 3 months ago I had never even sat on a bike, and these miracle workers got me through my mod 2, 3 weeks ago. I have enjoyed every minute of my time with you, thanks so much

Laura S, May 2014


  • Thanks to Paul and the team at premier bike. Past my test in five lessons I'm so happy got my bike and I'm on the road at last. It's been one of my dreams to have passed my test . Paul's approach to me passing my test was first class all the way , keeping me relaxed which realy helped with the nerves on the day. Big big thanks.

Andy M, May 2014


  • Thanks to Paul for getting me through my bike tests, he is a great instructor. passed mod1 and mod 2 first time thanks to him

Paul H, April 2014


  • Done my cbt with them about a month ago, fantastic and really good course, they covered questions that were on my theory test which I past first time a couple of weeks ago and now just passed my mod 1 with them today, if you are looking for motorbike training from a company that really knows what there doing then look no further, training for my mod 2 now, thank you too all the staff, special thanks to Paul and Helen

Mick B, February 2014


  • Great bunch of lads, quality training and equipment.

Gareth M, September 2013


  • Good equipment, great instructors and training. Couldn't of picked at better training company

Mandy M, August 2013

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